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Welcome to the homepage of the TSO Restoration Project!
Welcome to the homepage of the TSO Restoration Project!

You will need to register as a member in order to access most of the website.

You will be able to play TSO once again, free forever!
The Sims Online existed from late 2002 to 2008 and was a popular social MMO way ahead of it's time. When it came out in 2002, most areas of the world were still in the age of dial-up. Lag turned away many and the idea of paying a monthly fee to play a game was common only to a small group of gamers, as this was before MMORPG's really became mainstream. These issues along with other factors resulted in TSO being seen by the media as a total flop.

TSORestoration.com was founded by Ghost and Afr0 and went public on October 22, 2010 and has seen an incredible growth of new members. We're a team of talented individuals who are working hard to bring back the game that we all loved, The Sims Online. We do this with no financial incentive and have plans to eventually provide the capability for you too one day be able to have your own server!

On January 2rd, 2011 the Project Leader, Ghost sat down with Professor Peter Ludlow(Uri) of the Alphaville Herald for an interview explaining the project. Numerous media outlets began to publish articles about the project and we soon saw a wave of free advertising. We welcome all our new members!

Several months of hard coding and a sharp increase of programmers applying to join the team has resulted in an optimistic outlook for our project. I'd like to remind everyone that the developers and staff are all volunteers, spending hours of our free time on this project. This means progress will be slow but I can assure everyone on this website.. We're dedicated to seeing it through.

The question is not “Will I be able to play TSO again?”.. The question is “When will I be able to play TSO again?”

We need your help! Join the website and be a part of this legendary project. Even if you aren't a programmer, there are still multiple ways you can help out with this project. Check out the “Help!” section of the forums for details.”

TSOR Development Team
- January 19th 2011

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